Progressive Insurance

The Progressive Insurance Company is renowned for revolutionizing the insurance industry. Progressive came into business in 1937 and is now the largest auto insurance organization in the country. It is also the largest passenger auto insurance company. Progressive car insurance is committed to offering innovative and unique products and services.


In 1937, Progressive opens the industry's first drive-in claim headquarters.

In 1956, Progressive introduced the concept of reducing the progressive insurance quotes for low risk motorists with an initiative known as Safe Driver Plan.

In 1970, Progressive started dealing with motorcycle insurance.

In 1995, Progressive car insurance was the first auto insurance company with a website.

In 1997, Progressive insurance was the first insurance company to begin selling its products online.

In 2003, Progressive car insurance launched its claim service and became the first company in the industry to be responsible for handling the claims and repair process for motorists who were involved in accidents. Progressive's claim service helped to reduce the time of dealing with repairs from four days to less than half an hour.

In 2006, Progressive car insurance introduced a claim service that addressed drivers with unrepairable vehicles. The total loss concierge initiative helped customers find a vehicle for replacement at a competitive price.

In 2008, Progressive insurance came up with another initiative for rewarding drivers based on how they drive. This program was meant to benefit drivers who were less prone to being involved in accidents by offering reduced Progressive insurance quotes.


Insurance Covers

Progressive car insurance offers different types of insurance. These include:

  • Comprehensive
  • Collision
  • Roadside Assistance
  • Hire Reimbursement
  • Physical Injuries
  • Property Damage

Progressive Insurance also provides insurance for motorcycles, commercial autos, RVs, boats and Segway human transporters.


Progressive Insurance Quotes

Progressive strives to price their policies accurately and competitively. Progressive insurance quotes are based on information about you, past claims, your driving track record and your vehicle. Progressive insurance utilizes information that will assist them to understand your likelihood of getting involved in a car accident. Claims experience varies between vehicle insurance companies and so do the rates. We advise drivers to shop around and compare different insurance quotes before settling for a service that meets your needs.

Apart from providing reasonable progressive insurance quotes, progressive has an efficient customer service. We offer round the clock assistance and regional response to claims. In addition, there are additional bonuses such as:

  • Crash forgiveness
  • Total loss replacement
  • Pet injury coverage